Last updated: December 18, 2023

Logo package

The package contains
RGB Logo (Web/Digital)
CMYK Logo (Print)
Part of team.blue - Logo (Web & Print)

Logo variations

Main logo

The main version should be used whenever possible.

Inverted logo

The inverted version should be used on dark and busy backgrounds.

Alternative inverted logo

The alternative inverted version should be used on dark colored backgrounds.

Part of team.blue

Download the logo package, where you will find the "Part of team.blue" logo in various variants. Incorporate the logo into our different brands to emphasize our affiliation with the team.blue network.

Spacing rules


To make sure the logo is not going to be placed too close to an edge, leave at least one of "t.b" around the logo as space (safearea).

Minimum sizes

Web (RGB)

Minimum size 100px.

Print (CMYK)

Minimum size 25mm.


As colors appear different on screen and print, make sure to use the right version of the logo.

Logo misuse

It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified or added to.
Don’t rotate the logo.
Don’t stretch the logo.
Don’t use a different full or gradient color of the entire logo other than white or black
Don’t use the main logo on similar or busy background colors.
Don't fade the logo.

SoMe and Favicon

Social Media profile image

For social medias a special stacked version of the logo can be used as a profile image. Please note that this version of the logo is only allowed in this situation.


Use the light blue dot from the logo for the favicon.

Brand guidelines

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